Introducing Harriet Pentland

Your Conservative District Council candidate for Higham Ferrers Lancaster ward on East Northamptonshire Council

Harriet Pentland Photograph

I have always believed that the local community is the foundation of society and have lived in Higham Ferrers Lancaster ward my entire life. I am a key member of the local Conservative 'Listening Team' and believe in knocking on doors, listening to your views and putting these at the forefront of campaigns.

I strongly oppose the proposed 'US style' chicken farm; sharing this view with many local people.

I am proud to have been involved in the campaign that delivered Rushden Lakes - a real asset to our area.

To ensure the voices of local people are heard, I am involved in local Parish Councils and pay close attention to council proceedings. Coming from such a vibrant community with a bright future, I am keen that our area gets only the best!

Listening to you, campaigning for you in Chelveston-Cum-Caldecott, Higham Ferrers & Newton Bromswold.

Promoted by David Jenney, on behalf of Jason Smithers & Harriet Pentland, all of WRCA 21a High Street, Wellingborough, NN8 4JZ. Printed St Ives PLC, 92 Lower Parliament Street, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NGI IEH.

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